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A New Electric Car On The Block: Mirai

With the announcement of the hybrid Toyota Prius, the world watched to see what would come of this new car. Would it fail or would it thrive? There were certainly skeptics, but since its release, the Prius has influenced other car makers to release their own hybrid cars. This helped put more power in the hands of consumers because there was more to choose from, except Toyota continued to look ahead.

Instead of being satisfied…

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Toyota Announces Arrival of Production-Ready Fuel-Cell Sedan

Honestly, we were never sure that we would live to see the day that a real genuine hydrogen-powered car went on sale here in the United States. Pretty much every automaker out there has set aside some funding for research and development in hydrogen power, but after so many years lots of drivers just sort of gave up hope. Not the engineers at Toyota though!

Those brainiacs somehow pulled through and now we are happy…

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Minimize Morning Panic Attacks and Let Toyota Help You Find Your Keys

The hook by the door, the coat pocket, couch cushions and the hole your dog dug outside, the places you have already looked in search for your car keys. The stress is mounting, time is evaporating and your client is probably already at the office waiting for you. A situation that typically warrants a few swear words, stomping and tears but one that could be rectified if only you drove a Toyota.

Toyota is always…

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Toyota C-HR Debuts at the 2014 Paris Auto Show

Captivating, cutting-edge, innovative: these are just a few of the thoughts that fill the minds of those who experienced the word debut of Toyota's concept vehicle, the Toyota C-HR Concept, at the 2014 Paris Auto Show.

The Toyota C-HR Concept is the Japanese automaker's take on a potential type of crossover for the market--especially the European market. If it were to make it to production, it would be slotted as a C-segment crossover?

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Toyota Prius is a Pioneer of the Green Movement

We can hardly believe that it has already been 14 years since the initial release of the iconic Toyota Prius. In that period of time, Prius has paved the way for the green movement as it delivers incredible fuel efficiency and significantly reduced emissions. Here at New Rochelle Toyota, we're excited for what the next 14 years have in store for the Prius. We simply can't imagine the amazing innovations that are undoubtedly?

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2014 Toyota Sienna Gives the Busy Mom a Hand

You have five kids and a hundred places to go at once. You have a schedule with every date covered in scribbles and pencil smudges. You have mastered the art of "I'll get to it". You're a good mom but you?re a busy mom.  You then need a ride that meets you half way, a ride that both caters to your hectic life style but treats you for comforts and luxury you…

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A Lesson in Swagger from the 2014 Toyota Sienna

A quick English language lesson for you, mom and dad: The word is Swagger: swag?ger /?swag?r/: A person's walk or a behavior that exudes confidence and or arrogance in an aggressive way.

Mom and dad, it's time you get your swagger back on. Yes, we know you're exhausted, working, cooking, cleaning, carpooling, but really- it's time. At New Rochelle Toyota Scion, we've got the key to the door…

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The Toyota Trucks Philosophy Continues to Deliver Dependability to New Rochelle

Alright, so we've obviously come quite a distance since those days at our Toyota dealership in New Rochelle, NY. The Tacoma and Tundra both feature cutting-edge looks in addition to added interior space. As a matter of fact, the power has been turned up quite a bit in the past thirty years, too. For example, the Tundra's available 5.7-liter V8 cranks out 381-hp and 401 lb-ft of torque.

Even though the big…

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